Week of August 7th Updates

Week of August 7th

Tons of really great work happened this week - the Replo team is getting the PDPs beta ready for launch and we’ve rolled out a ton of new integrations and improvements!

  • :tada: You can now use the Carousel Autoscroll feature more efficiently: the description is dynamic, and the ‘to value’ is automatically set to the featured image of the selected variant.
  • A brand new accessibility menu has been added for containers! You can access this through Config tab → Accessibility. :confetti_ball:
  • Lots of new updates on third-party integrations! New integrations and embeddable components for Shopify Reviews and Ratings, Judge.me, Stamped, Fera.ai, and KnoCommerce have landed on your editor. :star_struck:
  • Fixed a bug with the Replo Marketplace where templates would sometimes incorrectly create new sections
  • Fixed an issue with Replo Marketplace where in certain cases the search functionality would not return any results
  • Fixed an issue with Replo Marketplace where when you loaded certain specific URLs on first page load, the content would not show up correctly
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect metafield recognition which would result in an error in pages which used specific metafield setups
  • Fixed an error related to the Product Options component where in certain configurations, the page would fail to publish
  • Fixed an issue with specific themes where the editor would work incorrectly!