Week of August 18th updates

Replo’s changelog for the week of August 20th is here! Inside Replo, we’re working hard on a lot of new features, performance improvements and support for PDPs being the top of the list. If you’ve signed up for the PDPs beta, don’t worry - we’ll be in touch soon to let you play around with it!

  • Say hello to the new Postscript Signup Form Component that allows for seamless integration of PostScript’s SMS marketing service on your pages
  • We’ve tackled a bunch of performance issues related to fonts, carousels, and hidden components, making your pages load faster
  • We’ve made some changes to reduce the size of the pages that Replo generates, especially for images and hidden components. In some cases, this results in page size savings of around 20%
  • When installing Replo, you’ll now be redirected directly to the editor for your store - no more unnecessary stops at /home
  • Fixed an issue where the error popup that showed up when another user had already edited the page was green instead of red - less confusing!
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select items in lists by clicking the checkboxes
  • Fixed an issue where the source of an image would not get reset in certain conditions, causing potential problems when trying to publish pages after updating large SVG images
  • Fixed an issue where Replo sections that were embedded into pages using the Shopify Section component would highlight incorrectly in the editor
  • Fixed an issue with long blog paths in the page settings interface would unexpectedly extend beyond their container. Now they’re neatly truncated
  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases Google Fonts would not load
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the “Design, Config, Interactions” tags would overflow and their spacing would look incorrect