User attention span is a race against time

According to Oddit ( Load your key value props upfront.

Here’s how:

  1. By adding arrowheads, you tell users that the Announcement bar is swipeable. Make sure to make each announcement actionable as well to keep pushing users down the sales funnel.
  2. Account access is a secondary action — this can be kept inside the mobile drawer to keep users focused on shopping.
  3. Enhance user awareness of your product range by displaying the total number of available products directly in the search bar.
  4. Call out your social proof in a way that users will see it immediately — placing it in your moving announcement bar alone makes it likely that users will miss it.
  5. Let’s test a headline that clearly emphasizes your value proposition so users have an idea of what exactly you’re offering.
  6. Stack these CTA buttons on mobile and make them full-width. Consider using the exact titles of your collections in the button labels as well for consistency.