Replo Product Templates - PDPs

:rocket: You can now take the high-converting layouts that used to only work on landing pages and apply them to the products in your catalog. We’re excited to finally give Replo customers the ability to build Product Description Page Templates (PDPs) in Replo!

By adding the ultra-customizable power of Replo to Product Page Templates, you get to build the highest-converting customer journeys all without code.

Here’s everything you can do with this feature:

  • Build PDP experiences that are more engaging than what your theme lets you do now.
  • Add high-converting sections, like product use sections, listicles, and more, right within your PDPs.
  • Create product pages with even more unique content using our Dynamic Data feature - customize each product page with instructions, use-cases, solutions and more, all tuned to the product.
  • Unlock the full power of Shopify metafields to customize your product pages with even more rich content.
  • Take advantage of Replo’s page speed improvements - load pages faster so you can convert more visitors.

:fire: These pages publish on /product URLs - the full power of Replo is now available on what is likely the most important part of your entire Shopify site.
The best way to maximize your special campaigns holiday efforts is by improving what is likely the most important page on your entire Shopify store.

See the feature in action and get it for your store today. Replo Product Templates